Regional Service Commission 11

Committee Meetings

Regional Service Commission 11 Standing Committees

Upcoming Committee Meetings:

Finance Committee – Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 5:00pm (Agenda)


2019 Committee Appointments 

Budget & Finance Committee:
This committee’s main responsibility is to monitor the financial performance of the commission and to prepare and recommend an annual budget to the Board

Peter Morrison – Chair
Mike Blaney – Vice Chair
Mike Chamberlain
John Bigger
Susan Cassidy

Audit Committee:
This Committee meets on an as needed basis to review and assess matters of risk for the Corporation including oversight of the annual independent financial audit.

Dale Mowry – Chair
Leo Kolijn – Vice Chair
Chris Rinehart
Bev Forbes
Ian Kitchen

Community Policing
This Committee’s main responsibility is to receive & consolidate input & advice on the region’s policing & security needs to the Board of Directors and law enforcement agencies.

Susan Cassidy – Chair
Dale Mowry
Robert Powell
Eleanor Lindsay
Erica Barnett

Oversight Committee:
The Committee serves as a channel for both the Board and Executive Director to address effective performance practices and meets on an “as needed” basis.

John Bigger – Chair
Mark Foreman – Vice Chair
Bev Forbes

Governance Committee:
This Committee has primary responsibility for ensuring the adequacy and currency of the governance structure of the Board with duties that include reviewing by-laws, monitoring training practices, and evaluating the functioning of the Board.

Erica Barnett – Chair
Carson Atkinson – Vice Chair
Robert Powell
Mike Blaney
Ian Kitchen
Judy Wilson-Shee